Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award Tag


This is my first tag. I have been tagged by Cindy from Nail'd & Polish'd.  Thank you!
Rules: tell 7 facts and tag 7 blogs.
1. My favorite thing to do is go fly fishing. I usually start at 4 a.m. So I get to hear nature waking up and breathe the brisk fresh air.
2. Francophile- I love all things French: language, decor, food,  etc.
3. Searching for the perfect peach cobbler recipe.  Something crusty & buttery. If you have a great recipe please send it to me.
4. Favorite t.v. show is So You Think You Can Dance.
5. Love Etsy for handmade - unique things.
6. I am big on family traditions like : apple picking in September, strawberry festivals in May
7. In the Winter, I like to camp in my living room. We set up our tent, sleeping bags, and hot cocoa.

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Danica said...

Wow, 4am is really early! That's kind of cool though, I love nature!

Inbaluly said...

thanks for sharing :-) the indoor camping is our tradition as well, but now I live in a small house and my living room is too small for that...

Revampy said...

It is freezing cold at 4 a.m. which is the only thing I don't like about it.

Polish'd Cindy said...

You're welcome! Thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

Fly fishing looks so peaceful. Hope you catch plenty getting up that early. Camping in the living room sounds fun.