Monday, June 21, 2010

Marty of Madagascar Nails

My Nails of the week are inspired by Marty from the Madagascar movie. I did zebra design with rhinestones.  Lately, I have been so "safe" with my manicures, so I decided to live a little and try anything that catches my fancy.  Life is short- I want my nails long and fun! 
My bebe helped me create this design.  I painted my nail a cappuccino color for the base so that the nail growth would not be so visible. Then, I painted a thick white diagonal white and black stripe side by side. Next, I used the nail polishes that have the long skinny brushes to make the zebra stripes.  The rhinestones where glued with with the help of my friend, I need more practice with gluing those things. 


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nice mani !!
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