Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hard Candy: Mr. Wrong & Mr. Right

Introducing the two new men, umm new polishes in my collection.  Mr. Wrong is a beautiful micro-glitter with a purplish base.  My camera could not capture the beauty of this one. I used two coats.  Mr. Right is a sleek navy blue, here I used 3 coats.  I like the smooth application and wear of the revamped Hard Candy line. The third photo is of the new Hard Candy in Mr. Right and the old Hard Candy in Frigid (one of my faves).


Lucy said...

I don't own any of the Hard Candy polishes. I never go to Walmart. I know they sell them online but I don't want them that badly. I do like Lava and 2 others.

Angi said...

i decided to go to walmart last night around midnight, and drop $200! =( oh well! it was worth it! i bought two hard candy polishes...i never used their polishes before! i got mr. right and hypnotic. i just tested each on a nail. i love hypnotic a lot! but i absolutely LOVE mr right!! of course, my boyfriend isn't into the dark [blue] he made a disgusted face when i showed him! lol. but i loooove Mr Right! It's just screaming to me "Take me to the nail salon with you!"