Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Newbie me

I'm a newbie blogger excited to join this wonderful community.  I just love reading so many blogs.  So here I am hoping to share some of my favorite things.  My fascination with polish started when I was very young.  My auntie was about to throw away a bottle of nail polish that had gone "bad".  In those days, polish only came in red, pink, or nude colors. This "bad" polish had turned  the most beautiful blue-green. Despite being warned that my nails would fall off, I wore this beautiful color my whole Summer vacation.

Here is my NOTD : OPI Strawberry Margarita & Revlon lip gloss in Power walk Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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Lucy said...

That's really a cute story. I watched my Mother with red nail polish. That started my fascination with polish. After that it was haunting the stores looking at makeup. All those beautiful colors and they were really cheap. Not like the drugstore polishes now. Why are they more money than China Glaze and others? Glad I have another blog to read. Welcome!